10 Little Known But Simple Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer

10 Little Known But Simple Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer

Drivers who take proper care of their cars with occasional repairs and maintenance, as well as proper driving technique, get far more miles out of their purchase than those who do not.

To help make you make a car last a lot longer, we are going to share some tips and show you how this could potentially save you thousands of dollars over time:

1- Make use of your owner’s manual

An owner’s manual is inside the glove box of a newly purchased vehicle. For taking good care of your vehicle, consider this your bible. Ignore it and you could be sent to the hell of auto repair. The owner’s manual provides the maintenance schedule of your vehicle, such as when to schedule a major service for an oil and filter change, tire rotations, belt replacements, etc. It will help you prevent the kind of expensive breakdowns that bite into your bank account or credit card by keeping on top of these prescribed maintenance schedules.

2- Oil Changes

Oil is the car’s lifeblood. It pumps through and holds the engine lubricated and cooled. Maintenance 101 is a standard oil change, and the owner’s manual will usually tell you when it’s time to schedule an oil change. You could do some serious harm to your engine if you fail to do this.

3- Other fluid changes

Oil isn’t the only critical fluid you need to keep an eye on in the car engine. To name a couple, there’s brake fluid, transition fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and wiper fluid. The good news, however, is that most cars have warning lights these days to warn you when you need to take care of them. Still, to prevent any unforeseen problems, it helps to keep an eye on them and top up when levels drop.

4- Protect your car from the elements

Canada is a four-season climate which means cars take a beating compared to sunny places like Los Angeles. If your car is covered in snow, rained heavily on, or exposed to debris regularly, your paint job is going to take a beating and your vehicle will lose value. Seek shelter in a garage if possible or at least cover it to protect it from unforgiving conditions.

5- Tire Pressures

Here are four reasons to monitor and maintain correct tire pressure on your four wheels.

  • It prolongs the life of your tires, saving you money.
  • It advances safety by giving you enhanced traction and handling during higher speed.
  • It helps avoid punctures that cause expensive replacement costs.
  • Punctured tire pressure leads to low fuel economy because your engine must work more. That’s right, poorly inflated tires can increase your gas costs!

6- Keep your car clean

Tossing takeout containers in the backseat might seem harmless but the contents might spill into the upholstery causing smells will linger. If your car smells like a drive-thru, it will dramatically lower your vehicle’s value. Don’t forget to regularly visit the car wash, especially in winter when roads are filled with paint-damaging, rust-inducing road salts. A clean vehicle goes a long way towards better value for resale.

7- Filters help your vehicle breathe

Imagine the filters for your engine, like a pair of lungs. Air filters capture the debris and keep the engine running smoothly while your vehicle breathes in dirt and dust. There are more filter types such as oil and fuel filters, these are designed to trap unwanted sediments. Air filters improve fuel efficiency, decrease emissions, and eventually extend the life of the engine. Check the owner’s manual for when it is time to put in new filters

8- Pay a little extra for good parts

Owning an RV can be costly, Investing in cheap parts or products for vehicles may cause significant damage to your car or RV and result in costly repairs. You’ll do more damage than good with low-quality items, from engine oil and transmission fluid to how you wash the exterior of your vehicle.

9- Smooth Driving

Your driving style will have a profound effect on how long your car lasts. To prevent heavy breaking, driving your car smoothly means drive with a mentality that is always anticipating when you will stop. It also means keeping your surroundings on alert and avoiding potholes, bumps, and other road mishaps. Smooth driving can reduce wear on your vehicle, save fuel, increase your car’s durability, and most importantly, keep you safe.

10- Be Proactive with Repairs

Postponing car maintenance could lead to an extremely high service bill and severe malfunctions. Don’t ignore the warning signs of a mechanical problem. The payoff saves thousands of dollars, and all it takes is a little preventive maintenance to make sure your car stays in tiptop condition.