3 Fun Kitchen Upgrades You Can DIY

3 Fun Kitchen Upgrades You Can DIY

There are easy kitchen upgrades that anyone can do to make their kitchen more attractive and increase the value of their home. It can save you money to do some of the easier DIY jobs yourself. The more complicated jobs like installing cabinets, replacing cabinet doors, and installing a countertop are typically done by a professional, unless you’re up for the challenge, of course! Check out these fun kitchen upgrades that can be done yourself.

Paint Kitchen Cupboards and Update Hardware

If you have wood cabinets, fiberboard, or compressed wood, you can refresh them by painting them a new color as a DIY project. When you want to brighten up your kitchen, you can paint the cabinets and drawers yellow, blue, lavender, green, turquoise, orange, or mint green. White, gray, and brown are classic colors, and these neutral colors are the most popular with consumers. According to design-build experts, a design-build firm has all the experts in one place to help you with a project from start to finish. Consider consulting a design-build firm for some tips.

When painting cabinets, look for brands designed for painting cabinets that use latex or water-based paint. These are safer for the environment. Clean the cabinets with mild soap that removes grease before painting. Remove the doors and hardware. If they are high gloss, use a deglosser. You should use a primer before painting and be sure to sand the cabinets. Talk with your local paint or hardware store to learn more about the prep work, what you will need to paint your cabinets, and the best method to use.

After painting the cabinets, you will often have to use a finish to protect the paint. Another easy DIY project is to put new door handles and hinges on your cabinet drawers and doors. Replacing hardware is easy when you have some basic skills and you can talk with your local hardware or home improvement store for tips on installing new hardware.

Install A Backsplash Or New Kitchen Floor

With stick and peel tiles, it is easy to create a decorative backsplash on the wall near the stove or cabinets. These tiles come in many designs and are easy to use to create a decorative backsplash that adds ambiance to your kitchen. Your local home improvement store will have many assorted designs and colors to choose from. Some have ceramic tiles that can be easily applied to the wall in the stick and peel design.

You can update your flooring if you have planks by painting them or replacing floor tiles with stick-and-peel vinyl tiles. Vinyl tiles will stick to whatever surface you put them on, and your floor should be cleaned before applying. You will find them easy to use, cut, and measure. If your floor is damaged, you may want to remove existing tiles, scape areas, and sand before applying.

About Installing Countertops and Cabinet Doors

Unless you are experienced working with DIY projects, installing new cabinets, doors, or countertops isn’t always a good DIY project to start with. You may want to hire a professional for these projects. You may need to have a special style door designed for your cabinets that matches their style and the material they are made of. Shaker cabinet doors are installed in 57% of kitchens, making them one of the most popular styles. When replacing cabinet doors, you want to get the best quality you can buy.

Replacing countertops requires tools and skills you may not have. Some consumers paint their kitchen countertops or apply contact paper to refresh the design. When you want to install granite, marble, tile, or stone countertops, hiring a contractor can help you avoid costly mistakes. Over 64% of homes have granite countertops, making them a popular choice for consumers.

When you have a complicated renovation, DIY projects may be a fun challenge. Start with a simple project for remodeling the kitchen. Consider hiring some help for more complicated projects.