3 Tips for Helping Someone Battle Alcohol Addiction

3 Tips for Helping Someone Battle Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction affects not just the person who falls victim to it, but their loved ones and other people in their social circle as well. That said, it’s important to know how to help so that you don’t worsen a problem that they have while trying to help them. Have a look at three tips below, which you can use to help someone that you know battle their addiction to alcohol.

1. Help Them Change Their Habits and Routines

For many addicts, it’s easy to see a pattern in their habits. These habits and routines make it easy for someone battling alcohol addiction to stay stuck in a vicious cycle. If you’re close enough to the person you’re trying to help battle addiction, you probably know their habits well. In this case, you’re likely aware of the routines that place them at risk of consuming alcohol repeatedly. You can therefore help them by assisting them in forming new and healthier habits.

These include cutting off the company of people with whom they go to drink, which may be a bit hard and will require patience and creativity. They may also need to develop healthier diets and start to watch what they eat. A balanced diet consisting of healthy fruit and vegetables should help them improve their health. This may give them energy and make it possible to weather the symptoms that lead to a relapse. With 95% of sugar beet seeds in America currently being genetically modified, you may want to look for organic food which offers the body maximum benefits.

2. Help Them Find Rehabilitation Programs

Next, it’s important to understand that access to a good rehabilitation program may be the difference between a future free of alcohol addiction and repetitive relapses. That said, you need to look for rehabilitation programs that are known to have good results alongside the other efforts that you make to help the person you know battle their addiction to alcohol.

Keep in mind that public rehabilitation programs may work just as well as private ones and keep an open mind while searching. If the person you know that’s battling addiction has had a DUI, you should encourage them to attend each session that they need to be in. Some people with a first-time DUI offense in Pennsylvania, for instance, may be eligible for the Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition program, which may be a great opportunity to get help.

3. Find Out Their Triggers

Finally, for people battling alcohol addiction, there are things and situations that may trigger dependence and relapse. In order to help them break free from addiction and improve their health, it’s a good idea to know what these triggers are. From stress and environmental issues to financial problems and trouble in a relationship, there are many potential things that may trigger someone’s dependence on alcohol.

Make an effort to help the person you’re trying to assist fight alcohol addiction and stay safe from their potential triggers. You could avail time to spend with them and lower their chances of reaching for a drink to deal with any issues that they may be facing. You may even offer to take them to their health checkups, including visiting their dentist. With 87% of adults feeling that bad teeth can have a negative effect on a person’s life, it’s clearly important to prioritize oral health care alongside general health care.

With these three tips, you can help the person that you know battle their addiction to alcohol. With patience and persistence, it’s possible for anyone to break free of the hold that alcohol has on their life.