4 DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You’ll Be Sure to Love

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or you want to become one, you can take on the bathroom as your first project. This is because this may be a more forgiving space in your home when attempting to DIY, so there’s good reason to think about it. If you’d like some ideas of bathroom remodeling ideas that you might love, read on to see four of them below.

1. Paint It Afresh

Painting your bathroom is an easy enough DIY project to take on. This is because it doesn’t call for you to get too many tools and equipment that you don’t already have in the house. It’s also safe as long as you take reasonable protective measures, such as avoiding placing the ladder you use in a position in which it’s likely to slip. As such, it’s hard to go wrong with a bathroom remodel. Simply decide which colors you want to paint it and check for some of the basic tips online. These include covering anything you don’t want to get splattered with paint before you begin and making sure to mix all the paint you’ll use at once so that you get an even shade. You may share the sentiments as those from 33% of homeowners who, in 2020, said that the main motivation for renovating their bathroom was because they couldn’t stand it any longer.

2. Improve the Organization

Your needs as a family may have changed since you got the house. As such, they may no longer serve you well, and this is the reason why you may need to improve the storage and organization of your bathroom. If you can make the most efficient use of the space that you have thanks to organization, you can avoid expensive DIYs that call for expanding the actual space in the bathroom. You can use baskets to store things like extra toilet paper and lotions so you free up space on the counter. You could also add space if you have empty wall space in the bathroom.

3. Add Some Wall Art

Wall art can bring your bathroom to life, so look for interesting and unique pieces to add to your home. These could be chic paintings or smart and funny quotes. Whatever your personality is, you can find the right wall art to reflect it. If your bathroom is one of the 12.43% that has a modern design aesthetic, you may be looking for timeless or modern art to add to the walls. If you can spare the counter space, you could even add a plant to your bathroom and give it a greener feel.

4. Redo the Vanity

Last but not least, you can redo your vanity and make it look fresh and inviting. This is an upgrade that may seem small but that will have a massive effect on your entire space. You can change the countertop, noting that granite countertops, installed in 64% of American homes, are still the national favorite. You could therefore get this and update the knobs and other removable fixtures so that they match. These are all upgrades that you can do by yourself, especially if you go for a peel-and-stick alternative for something like marble. For actual granite and marble, you should work with an expert to improve your odds of getting the perfect job done fast and safely.

Try these four bathroom remodeling ideas and you’ll have a beautiful bathroom in the end. Plan them out and find out in advance what you need in order to get them done right and it will be an easier process for you.