4 Reasons to Plant Trees in Your Backyard

4 Reasons to Plant Trees in Your Backyard

It’s important to think of ways in which you can improve your home as a homeowner and as a parent if you’re one. This is because if you have a beautiful and well-maintained backyard, you’ll have a beautiful environment in which you can enjoy spending your time and also improve the value of your home. Read on to see four good reasons why you need to plant trees in your backyard and the benefits that you can get from doing so.

1. You Improve Your Home’s Value

The first reason why you may want to plant trees in your yard, as mentioned, is because you’ll boost the value of your home. It’s a fact that people looking to buy a home will often prioritize homes that have mature trees around them. Mature trees take some work to maintain, so having some in your yard may be an indicator that you take good care of your home. While sometimes it becomes necessary to remove trees in your yard, you need to have this done by a professional when doing it. In 2022, there were 127,298 tree removal businesses in the United States, according to IBIS. This means that it’s going to be easy for you to find one if you ever need their services.

2. You Save on Energy

Since trees shield your home from direct sunlight and harsh wind, they serve as natural insulation for the home. This means that you’ll have an easier time keeping your home within a good temperature range if you have trees in your yard. Find out the best trees for your specific area and climate. This will give you a chance of getting trees that will thrive and that won’t need to be treated with extreme care in order to survive and grow to maturity. With trees around your home, you’ll save on the energy that you use in your home to keep the temperature comfortable with the air conditioner.

3. You Benefit the Environment

Another great reason why you should plant trees in your yard is that the environment can always use a little more green in it. This means that you’ll be playing an active role in helping improve the state of the environment. As a parent, this is also a great lesson that you could teach your children. When they grow up seeing you plant trees around your yard and take care of them to maturity, they’re likely to do the same when they become adults. Note that in 2007, according to the United States Forest Service, there were 119% more hardwood trees than there were in 1953. The growth-to-removal ratio was 2:0, and this is a statistic that you could help play a positive and active role in by planting trees.

4. You Make the Outdoor Area More Livable

Last but not least, you’ll make your outdoor area a lot more livable if you plant trees. This is because they help provide shade where people can rest and children can play. Many adults probably have memories of enjoying themselves on swings that were supported by the trees in their yards. You can give the same to your kids if you’re a parent, and they’ll be happy to be able to have good, clean fun right at home. Your pets will also love having trees around because of the aforementioned shade they provide. This is something that the 78% of dog owners who, according to Companion Animal Psychology, have a fenced-in backyard in which they can let their dogs run free now.

For these reasons, consider planting trees in your backyard. You’ll be happy that you made this decision when you keep reaping the benefits year in, and year out. It will take a little effort to create the foundation for an amazing outcome in the future.