5 First Car Tips to Share With Your Teen

5 First Car Tips to Share With Your Teen

As a parent, there are few times you will feel more nervous than when your child starts to drive. Handing the keys to your teen’s first car over can instantly trigger feelings of anxiety. Providing them with a few tips will help to keep them safe on the road. Every parent should share these five tips with their teen when they hand those keys over.

1. Show Them Where the Spare Tire Is Kept

Every parent that has invested in a car for their child should do a once-over with their child to show them where everything is on the vehicle, especially the spare tire. You want to fully prepare your child for a flat tire, and ensure that they know where everything to repair that tire is located. While you are taking them on a tour of all the parts of the car, it is a good time to show them how to change a tire.

Everyone should be able to change a tire if they need to. Of course, you want to share tips for ensuring that the car is jacked up in the right place and discuss safety measures for changing tires. This may sound like a very simple tip to help your teen stay safe, but you would be very surprised by the number of adults that cannot find their spare tire. Sharing safety tips for changing a tire can help your teen in case they find themselves with tire trouble.

2. Show Them How To Check Their Fluids

Every parent should roll up their sleeves and show their child how to check the fluids on their vehicle. Part of driver safety is understanding the basics of how a vehicle works and what it takes to ensure proper operation. Low fluid levels can get out of control quickly. It is important for every driver to know where to find the oil dipstick, how to fill windshield washer fluid up, and how to check to ensure there is enough coolant in the tank. As a parent, you should want your teen driver to take responsibility for the care of their car.

3. Share Tips About Using the Technology That is Available In Their Car

Cars today are outfitted with a lot of Driver Assisted Technologies that can often be misconstrued. Every parent should go through the technologies in the car and explain how things like ABS, driver-assisted lane changing, warnings, and more work in the vehicle.

A parent may want to discuss safe driving practices, like not playing music so loudly that they cannot hear another driver’s horn. According to Auto Trader Magazine, one of the best ways to improve the stereo sound in cars is to add high-performance speakers which can get loud. Parents should explain how enjoying the ride is important, but staying focused is more important.

4. Share Tips About What To Do If They Are In an Accident

Not to make anxiety worse for a parent with new on-the-road teen drivers, but the road can be a dangerous place. There are over 5 million car accidents each year, and about 20% of those accidents occur in garages and parking lots, according to MotorBiscuit. Your teen driver needs to know what they should do if they are in an accident, even a fender bender.

According to the National Insurance Institute, some states, like Alabama, have an “at-fault” law when it comes to accidents. That means someone must be charged in an accident. Preparing them for what to do is important. A parent should point out where insurance information is kept and who to call.

5. Share Tips With Them About Keeping Their Car Clean

A parent typically preps their kids to keep their car clean by taking them to the car wash with them. Teens are notorious for packing their cars with trash and other goods. Parents can share tips like taking the trash out of the car every time you leave the car to help them stay on top of things.

Getting a new car is an exciting time for any teen. Parents can help their teens take care of their car and stay safe on the road by providing some guidance and sharing some tips. Share these tips with your teen.