5 Home Improvement Projects to Keep Your Family Safe at Home

5 Home Improvement Projects to Keep Your Family Safe at Home

Any parent knows the importance of keeping their family safe at home, and so it’s important to know just how to do it. Here are five handy home improvement projects that will enable you to keep your home safe for your family and boost your home’s value as a plus.

1. Check Your Filters and Change Them When Necessary

Things like furnace filters, for people who have furnaces, need to be checked on a regular basis and changed once every 30 to 90 days. Keep this in mind and set a reminder or write a small note and place it next to the appliance in question, noting the date on which you changed the filters. When you do this, you can easily keep track of changing them and won’t forget to do so. Even your HVAC needs regular filter replacement, at least each time a new season starts, otherwise, it may not function optimally. It will also leave a lot of dust and other contaminants in your house instead of keeping them outdoors, and this can have your family facing health issues.

2. Keep the Landscape Clean and Tidy

Your home’s landscape is the backdrop for your entire house, so it sets the standard for what to expect indoors to a large extent. Ensure that it’s clean and tidy at all times so that it paints your home in the best light. Keeping it free of clutter and dirt will also make it harder for rodents and other small animals such as snakes to make a nest nearby, where your children play. As a plus, you lower the likelihood of having misplaced tools and rusted nails lying around where they can be picked up or stepped on by a curious, playful child.

3. Install New Windows

The windows you have in your home should serve a few functions, including aesthetic ones and functional ones like letting in ample natural light and keeping your home insulated. If they fail at any of these, then you may need to have them fixed or even replaced. Just like your roof, which needs to be inspected once a year at least, it’s important to have your windows inspected. Doing this will alert you to any issues, such as small gaps between the window and the frame or missing weather stripping. Both of these issues can be remedied easily after a short trip to your local hardware store where you will find the necessary equipment you need.

4. Declutter

Keeping the indoors clean is just as important as keeping the outdoors clean. It minimizes the risk of people tripping and falling and also ensures that everything is in the right place at the right time. Everyone will therefore have an easier time finding something that they need and putting away something that they’re done using. Spend a few hours sifting through the items you have in your home and getting rid of any that you haven’t used for a while. Don’t buy any more of an item that you already have before you dispose of the old one first so that you don’t fill your house up with unnecessary or even broken items.

5. Replace Outdated Appliances

Finally, ensure that you maintain your appliances and have them serviced on a regular basis. Replace any that are at the end of their lifespan and when you get newer models, start taking good care of them right from the start. Remember that around 34% of fires from home clothes dryers are as a result of neglecting to clean the vents of the dryer and set a schedule to clean them. When you do this, you will have your appliances around for a longer time and will also keep your home safe, apart from paying lower energy costs over time.

You most likely have a lot on your plate as a parent, but it will be worth the effort to take the measures above. They can help improve your family’s safety and allow you more peace of mind as you go about your daily activities.