Best Restaurants in Ontario’s Halton Region

Best Restaurants in Ontario’s Halton Region

Just because you are in the suburbs of Toronto doesn’t mean the only way you’ll get excitement is by heading downtown. Of course, there are some of the world’s best restaurants there, credit where credit is due, but there are plenty of amazing places right in the backyards of those who have their own piece of Halton Real Estate.

While a night downtown can make for an amazing experience, with how busy life is it’s not always going to be in the cards. If you are looking for an experience like that, but hoping to avoid some of that Toronto traffic, here are some of the best spots right here in Halton. 

Tin Cup Sports Grill

Just because your family wants to go out to eat doesn’t mean you have to miss the game. Tin Cup has plenty of TVs on-site so wherever you’re seated there will be multiple games insight and you’ll never miss a second of the action. Throw that great news on top of friendly service and some amazing choices for beer on tap and your night is made. 

The only thing you might not expect is the hours. Good news for those looking for their favorite new lunch spot as they open as early as 11 AM but for those looking for a new late-night hang out, Tin Cup Sports Grill might not be what they are after given the place is only open until 9 PM. 

The Glen Tavern

For some going out to eat is all about the atmosphere and there’s nothing that beats a great place with outside seating. It’s easy to imagine the perfect spring or summer evening with your closest friends all sharing some amazing food. If you get lost in thoughts like that, The Glen Tavern is perfect for your next outing. 

Whether you are in the mood for a burger or calamari, the tavern has you covered. With such a wide menu, it’s perfect for those looking to get a large group together. Having a large menu with options across the board, it’ll be easy for both the most adventurous and most particular eaters to be thrilled with their dinners. 

Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza

Nothing beats pizza night, no matter where you are. For those in the Halton region, if Goodfellas isn’t your regular spot, try it once and you’ll never look at another pizza joint. While their pizzas are amazing, don’t think that’s all they are good at serving. These Goodfellas also sure know how to make all the Italian classics from chicken parm to gnocchi and more. 

It’s also the perfect spot for your next date night, even if for you and yours date night only means desserts. Just like the entrees, they’ve got all the Italian classics as well as their own wines to wash everything down with, whether that’s pizza, desserts, or any of their other classic options on the menu.

Goodfellas also offers the perfect atmosphere for your next party, be it an anniversary celebration or corporate outing and their multiple locations mean that you’ll easily be able to find somewhere that’s convenient for everyone invited.