DIY Home Improvements for Work from Home Life

DIY Home Improvements for Work from Home Life

If you’ve recently joined the work-from-home brigade, you may be looking for ways to make this lifestyle work better for you. Read on to see some DIY home improvements you can make to enjoy better productivity and make the most of working from home.

Get Good Home Internet

When working from home, you need good connectivity in order to be able to reach and be reached by coworkers, clients, and more. This calls for a solid home internet that will allow you to make fast and stable connections that won’t keep your meetings buffering forever. Keep in mind that generally, wired network connections are more stable and reliable than WiFi connections. Find good internet and you will have found half of your office space!

Think About Your Posture

While you may not be thinking of buying new furniture, you may need to do so if you want to be able to sit more comfortably for longer. A good seat with proper support for your back is a must-have, but you can prop the back of a regular seat in your home to improvise for the time being, before you go out to get a real and ergonomic office seat. If you use a laptop, you could alternate between sitting and standing while you work to ease your back and not affect your posture negatively by placing your laptop on a raised surface on your desk where you can reach it while standing up.

Secure Your Network

A safe and secure network is an important part of any successful workplace, so it’s important to secure yours while you work from home. This will involve getting good anti-virus software and protection to ensure that your devices are encrypted and aren’t at risk of losing data to a hack or a system crash. Ensure that you’re connected to the internet safely and in a stable way as well, keeping in mind that the Cat5 Ethernet cable made it possible to transfer data at 100 Mbps and 100 MHz bandwidth, paving the way for fast internet. It can run up to 2.5GBASE-T when the distances are shorter. Talk to your data supplier to find the best option and find out if they have any suggestions about securing your connections.

Get Good Lighting

Good lighting is another important part of working, so ensure that your work-from-home setup has ample good lighting. This can be done easily by moving your work setup nearer a large window so you can take advantage of natural lighting. This will be cheaper and more effective, enabling you to enjoy the weather and see the daily progress while you work. Alternatively, you could get a desk lamp or install an LED light over your work area to illuminate your surfaces safely and affordably.

Add Some Personality to Your Space

Finally, it’s a great idea to add some personality to your space, and you have more freedom to do this when working from home. Whatever your personal style is, make sure it stands out in and around your home office. Add plants if you like them, or get elaborate artwork to place on the walls. When you do this, you will love every second you sit down to work. You can change the decor easily if you want to and as often as you wish to ensure that you stay happy and productive all through.

To make the most of any decor you put up around your home office, ensure that your home itself is in good condition by fixing everything that needs to be fixed. For example, for plumbing, seven of the most common issues include water heater and sump pump failure, clogged or slow drains, leaking hose bibs, low water pressure, and leaky pipes. Work on any issues your home may have before starting on the decorative work so you get the best results.