Feeling Old? These 5 Investments Can Help

Feeling Old? These 5 Investments Can Help

Whether you are a new parent or a senior, you may be feeling your age a bit. Don’t worry there are investments that you can make at any age or any stage of your life that will make you feel young. There are actually five investments you can make that are going to shave off some years.

Travel is a Great Investment

Not everything you invest in will give you a monetary return on the value, but that does not mean that the investment is a wasted investment. Travel is a great way to shake things up, revitalize you, and make you feel young again. If you are a parent consider leaving the kids at home and taking a quick getaway with your partner.

Where should you travel? That’s an easy one. Anywhere. Studies have shown that you do not need to go very far or visit a place very exotic to increase your happiness level. There are affordable places to visit that can give you the break you need. Think of an out-of-the-way state like Maine which is known for its potatoes and lobsters and now its legal cannabis. A lovely bed and breakfast by the sea will do you some good and help you to feel young and carefree again.

Invest in a Pet

Pets are a wonderful investment. As a parent incorporating a pet into your home will help to teach the kids responsibility and it will add a lot of joy to your household. Even if you are a parent and the kids are grown and gone a pet can add life to your home. About 38,900,000 households share their space with a cat and about 38% of American households are home to a dog.

If dealing with a cat or dog is not your thing, consider a bird or even a fish tank. According to the Happiness Report, owning any pet can increase your happiness by about 20%. Other research finds that pet owners experience less stress. Ultimately if you want to feel a bit younger there is nothing better than a pet’s love to make you feel that way.

Buy a New Car, Bike Or Truck

Investing in a new mode of transportation is a quick way to make you feel younger. A motorcycle especially will do the trick. However, do be careful on your new bike, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 5,172 fatalities in 2017 involving a motorcycle crash. Motorcycles are more popular than ever and it is not unusual for a parent to be seen tooling around town on one.

Invest in Yourself

If you are feeling the pains of aging invest in yourself. As a parent, you likely take zero time for yourself. A day at the spa, investing in gym equipment, even getting a few shots of Botox can make all the difference in the world in how you feel about yourself. Take the time to invest in yourself you deserve it. Feeling good about yourself will translate into being a better parent.

Invest in Your Home

Putting money into your home improves the value of your home and improves your lifestyle. Investing in your home is one of the best places to put your money. As you revamp your home you will feel younger and renewed. Living in a home that is customized to your specific purposes will help you to feel good about yourself and give you a new perspective on life.

Of course, anything you invest in your home you will realize in resale value. Investing in your home can transform your space into something that fits your lifestyle. One of the most popular home investments is to make your home a smart home. Taking advantage of the current technologies can work to your advantage. Smart homes can regulate everything from thermostats to lighting to alarms and even your lawn watering cycle.

If you are feeling a little old lately, investing your money where it will make the most difference in your life is a very worthy investment that will change how you feel. Life is too short not to invest in the things that make you happy and feel energized.