How to keep your Pets comfortable During Winter

How to keep your Pets comfortable During Winter

Winter can be a very harsh season and not just for people but also for the furry four-legged friends who hold a very special place in our hearts. In a lot of places, winter is around for a long time so it has to be noted that taking care of our pets and making sure that they are comfortable throughout the wet cold months is of the utmost importance.

Do not leave your pets exposed to the cold weather:

The cold can make things very unpleasant for your pets. On very cold days especially when temperatures drop they require being warm and dry. Those days there is a risk just as there is for us people that they will suffer from frostbite as well as hypothermia. If this happens chances of the damaged being irreversible are very high. The best option is to keep them indoors where they cannot be exposed to extreme cold.

Ensure they have plenty of water and food:

For dogs and cats that spend time outside, they need to be given plenty of water and quality food like Chippin to ensure they maintain their energy. They use a lot of energy trying to stay warm they get hungry and dehydrated a lot faster. Ensure that the water bowl is always filled and is made of plastic so that it does not freeze. It also helps protect their tongue from freezing too while they drink.

Make sure to wipe their paws regularly:

This is because if their paws come into contact with the chemicals and salt used on the ground to melt the snow, they can become irritated. Usually, when their paws are irritated they try to clean them themselves and this irritates their tongues. Using a wet towel on their paws can help to avoid this.

Keep poisons out of their reach:

Sometimes the things we keep in the home during winter can be harmful to our pets. The rock salt and antifreeze that we use to melt snow can be especially dangerous. It is not just an irritant when it is stepped in and goes on their paws but if ingested it can cause some serious problems for pets. Antifreeze has a sweet taste and attracts dogs to eat it. Store it somewhere far and safe, and wipe it off anywhere the pets can reach, and end up licking it. If there is an event of poisoning call the vet immediately.  

Create a shovelled area in your yard:

At some point, your pet will need to go outside. Not all pets love to be out in the snow or to go for walks in the snow. This is why you need to create a space they can go in your yard. Ensure that it is salt-free and the snow is cleared so that they can feel comfortable doing their business there.

Our pets need as much love and care during the winter months just as much as we do and we need to be conscious of their needs.