Key Logistics For Parking Project Planning

Key Logistics For Parking Project Planning

Recent technological advancements have impacted modern infrastructure in urban communities. However, many residents are not happy with the impact these advancements have caused to parking. Many urban, highly populated areas are now experiencing parking problems. Businesses are now searching for solutions to prevent parking tensions from stagnating the economy. Here’s a look at some important logistical concepts businesses are utilizing for their parking lot construction projects.

Issues Caused by Parking

Parking problems reduce efficiency. According to Fast Company, there are eight parking spots for every car across the country. In the past, lawmakers believed in subsidized parking. However, many analysts note that is not an effective solution because residents often end up paying for unnecessary parking spaces. To offset costs, people may start driving more, which leads to traffic problems. Strained parking also has a negative impact on the housing market. Housing development costs are higher, which in turn leads to increased maintenance and security costs for the property owner.

Clear Goals

It’s important for businesses to identify a clear goal before starting the parking project. Prioritize whether you want the parking structure to accommodate thousands of people for your services or if you simply want a place to load and store goods safely. If you plan for the parking area to have lots of traffic, you’ll need to develop a large space with plenty of spots. The durability of your pavement is important. If the parking lot will be used primarily for shipping, you’ll need something heavy. Larger vehicles routinely coming through the premises will damage low-quality soil. The parking angles are also important. According to REthority, analysts recommend installing parking spaces at 60 degrees in high-traffic areas. If the parking space will be designed primarily for staff instead of customers, you can angle areas at 90-degree intervals. That’s why it’s important to establish a clear goal for the project before going further. Also, check with the state to ensure that you are meeting all code requirements.

Layout Considerations

Figuring out the parking layout is important for security reasons. The right layout ensures that everything flows smoothly on a regular basis. Most analysts recommended rectangular parking shapes. Parallel parking is also encouraged to maximize space. If you’re developing the project to host customers, traffic signs are important. The signs will help keep pedestrians from getting injured due to incoming traffic. Some of the most important traffic signs to include on your property are handicapped, speed limit, and stop and yield signs. All the signs should be visible to drivers and pedestrians.

Asphalt driveways are important too. According to The Spruce, asphalt has a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. Add safety marking to the asphalt to help things flow smoothly. Many businesses opt for stripes to symbolize clear pedestrian areas. The markings should be visible at all times. Concrete barriers are also important accessories. Concrete barriers help make sure that cars are aligned properly in their spots. The concrete barriers also prevent cars from colliding with the building, landscaping, or other objects around the parking structure. Some businesses opt for curbs or ramps to ensure safety.

Other Provisions

If the property will be used primarily as a place for you and your employees to park, consider a garage door. According to Garage Living, the average garage door is used about three to five times daily. Access ramps fit smoothly with asphalt. Consider installing a ramp from the pavement to the curb design. Light fixtures are extremely important. Light fixtures help give drivers a clear pathway through the parking lot. Consider installing the heaviest lighting in highly congested areas of the parking lot.

Future Maintenance

Asphalt is durable and a key part of most parking lot construction projects because it prevents moisture from penetrating the surface and causing damage. It’s important that your parking lot is designed to provide efficient water drainage. Asphalt requires regular seal coating to prevent long-term issues such as cracking, potholes, and discoloration. If a crack develops over time, try to seal it as soon as possible.

Properly installing a parking construction project will have long-term benefits for your business.