10 Reasons to Send a Handwritten Note as a Luxury Gesture

Reasons to Send a Handwritten Note as a Luxury Gesture
Woman's hands writing on a blank sheet of paper on a wooden table. Cup of coffee, cookies, autumn leaves, dried mountain ash on a wooden background. The concept of a woman writing a letter or note in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of coffee. Top view

When was the last time you wrote a handwritten card or note? Well, sending a beautiful handwritten message is one of the best ways of demonstrating your heartfelt appreciation. It is a luxury gesture that makes the person receiving the note feel special. It shows the sender value you. They dedicated their time to writing the letter, which is much more meaningful. This article will discuss the ten reasons why you should write a handwritten note as a luxury gesture.

Reasons why handwritten notes are awesome

1. They make one feel special

A handwritten note is a physical demonstration to the one you send that they are valuable, worthy, and appreciated. It makes the receiver feel special. The assumption is that you sacrificed your time and effort to write the note, making the recipient feel good.

2. A handwritten note is rear

Handwritten notes are scarce in this age. Many opt to send an email or text. That is because a handwritten letter is time-consuming.
However, that rarity is what makes handwritten notes feel so valuable.

3. It is an affordable way of building a robust relationship

Unlike what many people think, handwritten notes are quick to generate and can help create great relationships, personal and professional. A handwritten note encourages the person you send to seek more connection within the relationship because they understand how you value them.

4. It is exciting to open it

In the same way, it is good to receive a beautiful luxurious handwritten note card. It is as well exciting to open it. Once you receive a handwritten card or note, you get curious about who sent it to you. Unlike email or text notes that may never be opened and read, the receiver of a handwritten message must open it even if they aren’t sure who sent the note.

5. It is personalized

A handwritten note is entirely personal. You can add a personalized message and include personal details on the note. Such personal touch is a fantastic way to show the person you are sending is recognized and valuable to you.

6. Handwritten notes Are Often Kept as Memorabilia

When crafting a handwritten note, your words are usually conveyed in your handwriting. Therefore, when sending such a note, a part of your emotional energy is sent along the letter. That is why handwritten notes feel so special.
Many people opt to keep handwritten notes as memorabilia. Not because they are just a note but because they are a special gift.

7. Handwritten notes are appreciated

Many people appreciate receiving handwritten notes more than a thank you email. People understand the sender has used extra effort and time to craft such a note, unlike emails that are mostly automated.

8. Handwritten notes are more memorable

Handwritten notes come as a surprise, making them stay longer in memory. Many people can remember the date, if not the day they received a special handwritten note from someone special in their life.

9. It makes you stand out to a client

Sending a customer appreciation letter to your client can make them feel special and appreciated. Furthermore, a handwritten note can help increase customer loyalty.

10. It leaves a powerful, lasting impression

A handwritten note feels more authentic and heartfelt. When you send such a note to your customers or someone close to you, you leave a positive mark that they will forever associate with you.

A handwritten note is a gesture to show your appreciation and leave an impression. The above ten reasons explain why such letters are fantastic. So, next time you feel obliged, take the extra 5-10 minutes out of your day and send a handwritten note.