What Summer Time Home Improvements Can I DIY?

What Summer Time Home Improvements Can I DIY?

Do you want to improve the quality of life of your home this summer? Do-It-Yourself projects allow you to upgrade without breaking your bank while hiring professionals. A 2019 study revealed that the global DIY/Home Improvement market was worth 618 billion. You can contribute to this easily. Read on to identify home renovation DIY projects you can undertake to help you make the most of your summertime.

Interior Renovation

Of all home projects, the most completed tasks were bathroom renovations, painting inside the house, and putting on new flooring. Give your bathroom a spa feel by accessorizing with classy bathrobes, fluffy towels, and bathmats. Use herbs, scented candles, and fragrance diffusers to make it smell great. Place mini shelves under the sink or beside the bath for small bathrooms to provide extra storage.

A fresh coat of paint on your walls greatly returns on investment. There is a wide range of paint colors to choose from. Yet, neutral color tones such as white, cream, and grey pair well with most furniture and decor. Bold colors, on the other hand, appeal to a smaller audience. While painting, be mindful of your posture. Use a ladder and an extended handle paintbrush to prevent straining muscles when painting high surfaces. Before painting walls, clean the wall to get rid of surface contaminants such as grease and dust.

Update your floors by knocking out old tiles and installing new ones. Alternatively, you can paint them, which works well with concrete floors as well. Select a color that complements that of your walls. If you have a hardwood floor, polish it using floor wax after washing to restore its shiny appearance.


Did you know that landscaping can boost the resale price of your home by up to 14%? Build a patio and install pavers on which you can build an outdoor kitchen. This way, you can enjoy cookouts while entertaining on a hot summer day. Also, you can cook foods with strong smells, such as fish, outside.

During summer, the sun is out for longer hours. What better way to harness its energy than by using solar lighting on your porch? Not only is solar energy environment-friendly, but it also reduces the electricity bill. Solar lights are easy DIY projects since they do not require wiring. The back porch offers endless possibilities. For example, you can declutter and install seats and a table where you can relax after a long day. You can even add throw pillows and colorful blankets to add a hint of color.


For the case of your garden landscaping, select grass and plants that are native to your home, as they will thrive with minimal care. Save the cost of plant pots by repurposing old containers around the house. These include plastic containers and teapots for growing small plants. Watering the lawn correctly is a great way to keep it lush. A soil moisture meter will help you gauge the optimum amount to apply. The best time to water is early in the morning when the sun is not too bright, and the evaporation rate is low.

Using a soaker hose to irrigate is better than a sprinkler. The pores of the hose are near the soil, allowing water to infiltrate and reach the soil. However, for sprinklers, some water drifts when it is windy. Hydro-zoning allows you to save on labor and water since you group plants with similar care requirements. This eco-landscaping technique requires a soaker hose whose length is 100 feet or less.


Pests like bedbugs and cockroaches are harmful to your health. If pests encroach on your space, you can control them using pesticides. To protect yourself from contamination, wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). These include:

  • A respirator mask that protects you from inhaling fumes
  • Long pants and gumboots to protect the feet
  • Safety goggles to protect the eyes
  • Disposable coveralls that prevent pesticides from getting on your clothes

DIY garden landscaping will boost your curb appeal. Also, you can install solar lighting on your porch, which is environmentally friendly. Through Do-It-Yourself renovations, you can enjoy a great home life this summer.