What to Do If Your New Custom Home Is Not What You Expected

What to Do If Your New Custom Home Is Not What You Expected

When you build a custom home, you are involved in the entire process from start to finish. And, as a parent, you want it to be the perfect home for your family. This means that you are the one signing off on the final plans and making sure that it is perfect. However, sometimes things that look good on paper aren’t perfect. Your house will always need maintenance. In fact, it is recommended that parking lots and driveways are seal coated every two to three years of standard use, so they will wear and tear. But if your custom home is completed and it is not what you expected, here is what you should do.

Talk to your Builder

Before you jump to legal action, talk to your builder. Like any parent will tell you, healthy communication can potentially solve any problems that come up in a quick, easy way. According to the New Home Warranty Act, you are required to allow your builder a chance to fix any problems before you start legal action. They might not have realized that something was missing and will fix it quickly. Or they may have tried to get away with it, but now realize it’s not going to happen. So if part of the house is not up to standard or does not fit your contract, meet with your builder to figure out what needs to be done. You will be able to get the problem fixed and your family moved in just like that.

Legal Action

Unfortunately, talking to your builder doesn’t always work. If you’ve put in a good-faith effort to get your custom home up to the standard that you and your builder agreed on within your contract, then you’ve done your part. If your builder doesn’t live up to the contract, it is time to take legal action. Talk to a lawyer and discuss your options. The best path forward will depend on your specific situation, so it is important that you follow your lawyer’s advice. If you do, you’ll have a strong case.

Winning your legal case will mean that you get your money back from the contractor who built your house. While it doesn’t fix the problems, it does give you more resources to get them repaired by somebody else.


Sometimes, the builder isn’t the problem. You might have thought you loved a certain feature as you were building the home. But then, seeing it in real life, it might not have been what you expected. In this case, you are responsible for any changes you might want to make. So, while you might be frustrated and exhausted from the building process, you do have the option to renovate your new home. You can either do it immediately or later. But you can still change the parts of the house that you decide you don’t like.

Depending on what you want to change, the cost of these renovations will vary. You might decide, for instance, that the roof isn’t what you wanted it to be. If you have the money to change it, that’s a decision you could make. According to AP News, 80% of roofs are replaced long before their planned lifespan. This is usually due to a lack of regular maintenance. But it could be for practical or aesthetic reasons as well.

Your custom home should be exactly what you want it to be. As a parent, you and your family will be the ones living with the end result. However, there are reasons why it might not end up being what you expected. Depending on the cause of these problems, you have several ways you can resolve the situation. Stay calm and practical as you address the issues. If you’re willing to communicate with others, you can get it done smoothly.