What Types of Drinks Are Good for My Child’s Oral Health?

What Types of Drinks Are Good for My Child’s Oral Health?

It’s important for every parent to ensure that their child’s oral health is well taken care of, and this involves many factors. From the food they eat to their oral habits and even the drinks they take, there are many things that can affect it. Here are some types of drinks that are good for your child’s oral health to give you some insight.


It’s common knowledge that milk is great for teeth and bones in general. This means that you should ensure that you give some to your child on a regular basis. Either pair it with a healthy snack like a fruit or give it to them by itself at any time of day. While it contains important minerals and vitamins, it also has natural sugars in it in the form of lactose. This means that it shouldn’t sit on teeth for a long time. If you give milk to your child at night, ensure that they brush their teeth after they’re done. You could also provide them with water to drink after they’ve had the milk so it washes away any remaining milk.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are another great drink for teeth. Apart from black tea, which stains the teeth if consumed on a regular basis, herbal teas like green and white tea contain fluoride, polyphenols, and other antioxidants. These could help to fight gum inflammation and cavities. When unsweetened, it’s the best drink you could take for refreshment and oral health purposes. Practice care when serving teas to your child and ensure that they’re appropriate for their age. You could offer them herbal teas in place of energy drinks like Monster®, Rockstar, and Red Bull®, which were found by scientists to cause enamel loss. This enamel loss was twice as much when compared to sports drinks like Propel®, Gatorade®, and Powerade®. The two groups of drinks were responsible for 3.1% and 1.5% enamel loss respectively.

Vegetable Juice

You may feel like vegetable juice won’t be as tasty as fruit juice, but the fact that it contains a lot less natural sugar makes it a great drink for developing teeth. To give it some flavor, you could add some mint leaves to it, or sweeten it with a bit of apple or carrot. Doing this should make it a bit more appealing to your child, and you can look for more creative vegetable juice drinks online to suit your child. Present them with various options and stick to the ones that they seem to like best.


Water is an amazing drink for all-around body health. When it comes to oral health, water is an amazing option because it has a neutral pH, and contains no staining dyes and colors or tooth-eroding sugars. When you hydrate yourself with water, you will have a better circulation of saliva in your mouth. This will not only help move potentially destructive remnants of food and drink from your mouth but will also keep your breath fresh. In a survey, 32% of people said that they’re concerned with how their teeth look, and it’s possible to avoid being one of them by consuming enough water and practicing other good oral health habits.

Real Fruit Juice

Real fruit juice made from fruits that have a low acidity content like watermelon will not only be tasty and fully natural, but will also benefit overall health. For this reason, blend the juice with your child’s favorite fruits and avoid adding sugar to it, as fruits are naturally sweet. Keep in mind that many orthodontists recommend children see an orthodontist from the age of seven years. At this age, their permanent teeth start to come in and so it will be important for them to be looked at by a professional.

These drinks are some of the best for oral health, so make it a habit to give them to your child on a regular basis.