5 Tips for Strengthening Your Marriage After Kids

5 Tips for Strengthening Your Marriage After Kids

It’s important to keep working on your marriage even after you have kids and they start to grow. Building a solid foundation will do a lot to help you weather the storms that will inevitably come your way. Here are five helpful tips for strengthening your marriage after you have kids to make sure you maintain an amazing relationship that will benefit the entire family.

1. Take Some Time Off From the Phone

With the busy lives people live nowadays, it’s important to try and maintain the bond they have as a family. More often than not, however, mobile phones get in the way and people find themselves sitting in the same room but completely disconnected from each other. This is one of the habits that we need to do away with. Doing this will show just how much time is available to spend as a family because once the kids are tucked in bed, this is time that you can spend without your phones in hand and strengthening your marriage. With the non-custodial parent in divorce cases getting 88 days a year on average with the child, it’s good to work to maintain a strong marriage so you can all be together with your children.

2. Remember the Small Things

As time goes by, it may become easy to forget the small things that brought a married couple together in the first place. This may lead to a breakdown in communication and leave the relationship feeling tasteless and empty, a point you don’t want to reach. To avoid this, remember little things that delighted each of you before the children and keep up the healthy habits. From sharing a funny story over lunch to setting the shoes out for your partner when it’s time to leave, you know what can put a smile on your partner’s face and leave them happy with minimal time and expense.

3. Set a Routine

Life after having children can seem boring and set in stone, but it doesn’t have to become a case of going through the motions. You can come up with a routine that gets the children well-fed and asleep by a certain time, after which you can enjoy some moments together. Getting a sitter for your children every other weekend so you can go on a date doesn’t have to feel selfish, but it’s something you should try to do in order to strengthen the bond you have. Keep your estate in order as well and remember that the spousal right of election entitles a spouse to claim a third of their spouse’s estate.

4. Don’t Neglect Me-Time

We can all use a break every now and then to recharge and get ready to face the world and challenges that life may present. Having children should not stop you from seeking out me-time, as it will help you relax and stay fresh. When you’re the best version of yourself, your children will notice it and they will be happy to be around you.

5. Go on Cheap Dates

Finally, note that a date doesn’t have to be expensive in order for it to be enjoyable. With 88% of Americans saying that they marry for love, it’s good to use this as the basis for everything you do with your spouse. The main purpose should be to spend time with your partner, so come up with something that will enable you to do this and forget about the price tag.

When you use the tips outlined, you will likely enjoy a much stronger marriage, and your children will also benefit from it. This is because they will be around a loving couple from whom they will learn how to be patient with each other once they’re older.