How to Appeal to a Millenial Client Base

Millennials are those individuals that were born anytime between the early 1980s and the year 2000. While they may not have a lot of disposable income, they spend money freely. At 45%, they make up the most significant percentage of homeowners and have a high amount of buying power. For these reasons, it makes sense to market to a millennial client base. Consider some of these ways to reach that audience.

Online Presence

While your business may have a presence online, it may not be a successful one. It is not enough to survive online; you want to flourish because that is where millennials live. You must have a social media presence for your brand. Consider being active on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. It is critical that you vary the information so that you are presenting it in a way that is appropriate and makes sense for the platform. You want to have a solid foundation on the social media platforms you select. It is better to focus more attention on one platform and ensure you have a solid presentation. Do not spread yourself too thin across all social media platforms.

User-Focused Content

You want to ensure that your website and any other information will load quickly on a mobile device. More than 85% of millennials have a smartphone. New visitors to your website form an opinion and pass judgment within 50 milliseconds of visiting, according to a Google study. It is a good idea to post reviews, feedback, videos, and photos that your users submit to your social media sites. Millennials are interested in what their peers have to say. They are more likely to act based on a positive review. If a millennial sees that you posted their feedback, they are more likely to spread the news about your products.

Market Your Brand to Your Target Group

Millennials are a group that wants to be part of the larger picture. They are more likely to use your product when they are able to identify with it. They want to feel involved and part of the movement. Part of this allows them to share their experiences with your brand, products, and offices. You may need to establish a set of rules to follow so this does not get out of control. You also want to keep in mind your target audience that may spread out beyond millennials. While millennials may be your top target market, that does not mean you should ignore your other markets. Another 10,000 people turn 65 every day, and they become eligible for government-provided health insurance programs as well as other products.

Transparent Value

Most millennials like to get a good deal. They also want to know that the product is valuable. It is crucial that you convey the value of the product to your audience. This means stating if it saves time or money, or simplifies life in some way. This group expects and often demands full transparency across the board. Not only do they want to know everything about the product, but they want to know all the details about the company and how it operates. They also appreciate when companies acknowledge that they made a mistake and the work they are doing to prevent those mistakes in the future.

Consider these ways to appeal to your millennial target market. While these are just a few of the ways you can appeal to your audience, it is an excellent start for you. If you focus on doing these items well, you will be able to attract and maintain the attention of millennials.