6 Careers to Consider Switching to in Your 30s

6 Careers to Consider Switching to in Your 30s

The decision to switch careers is a big one, regardless of the age you’re doing it at and if you will seek employment or become an entrepreneur. This makes it important to think carefully about the switch so that you can be satisfied with the decision you made in the end. Here are six suggestions for careers you may find it fulfilling to transition to in your 30s.

1. A Teacher

If you’re patient and have a natural aptitude for helping others, becoming a teacher may come easily for you. If you venture into this field, you have a number of options to choose from. You may have to start at an entry-level position and work your way up, but you will find it rewarding. If you want to enjoy a bit of flexibility, you could very well become an online teacher and offer online classes. This will give you the opportunity to reach many more people than you otherwise would have if you taught physical classes.

2. A Physician’s Assistant

If you have a master’s degree and would like to transition into a medical career, you could consider becoming a physician’s assistant. In this role, you will be the first contact of patients who visit health care centers seeking medical aid. You will provide prescriptions and offer some degree of treatment to patients while working under another medical professional.

3. A Real Estate Manager

Another potential career to switch to in your 30s is becoming a real estate agent or manager. Depending on the background from which you’re transitioning, you may already have some experience and therefore not need to do a lot of additional preparation such as getting an education in the field. As long as you find a good agency to train in, you could hit the ground running. This agency should share with you facts such as that, in America, over 21 million households use septic systems instead of public sewers to manage their toilet waste.

4. A Financial Analyst

For someone with a background or love for math and statistics, this would make an amazing career change. You will guide individuals or even businesses who want to make investments in this capacity. These include pension funds, banks, and insurance firms. Along the same lines, you could also become a statistician or a data scientist.

5. A Business Manager

Given the fact that a whopping 70% of all business partnerships that are formed end up failing, this is another potential career to switch to. If you feel that you can help people make the right decisions about who to partner with and how to manage these partnerships successfully, you could become a business manager. You will need to get some training as well as education if you don’t have a background in business, so keep this in mind.

6. A Web Developer

With the world going digital at a faster rate than ever before, you could become a web developer. It’s an amazing career to switch to, given the fact that the top 10% of the best-paid Computer Repair Technicians make close to $35,000 or even more. In this field, you will develop, design, and maintain websites for both businesses and individuals. You can easily get the training you need to become a web developer online, and you could enjoy the status of an entrepreneur who works from home. This is because most of the work can be done online, so you will have an amazing work-life balance to boot.

These suggestions show you that there are plenty of options available for you depending on your skills and interests. Pick one that you feel speaks to you the most and you will have a chance to refresh both your life and career!