The Most Popular 50+ Web Tools And Services

The Most Popular 50+ Web Tools And Services

Have you always wanted to find the most popular web tools and services in one place, described in short, so you can easily compare them and pick the right solutions for you?

This is what this article is about.

We reviewed short 50+ popular web solutions like:

1. Complete SEO

Complete SEO is a smart agency that will help you reach very high SEO targets.

It doesn’t matter where your website is today, or the industry you are in, Complete SEO will help you right away.

Get a free quote from a top Austin SEO company

2. Website Designers

AMG DESIGN will build you a creative and high-quality website, a logo, will help you with branding, photos, videos, and much more.

This all-in-one agency will deliver you the quality you always wanted while their prices are super competitive.

Get a free web design quote.

3. Dev.Doctor – Urgent care development services for your business is a team of top experts that will help you with:

  • Website Development
  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Software Development
  • Rapid Fixes
  • Urgent Care
  • Live Chat

You don’t need to hire people at your company to manage all parts of your website, you just need to work with

Get a free quote.

4. Startechup – Software development company philippines

Startechup helps organizations of all sizes that hire software development services to outsource them. 

Startechup has offices in France and a development center in the Philippines, serving customers across Europe, Singapore, Australia, and many more countries. 

For developing their digital solutions, tech businesses can rely on a staff of Web Developers, Mobile Developers, UI/UX

For a more budget-friendly alternative than what you’ll find in Silicon Valley, Paris, or London, an alliance of European management and talented Filipino developers assures high-quality digital goods.

Check out the website and let these professionals build your tailor made app.

5. Mobirise Website Builder Software

Mobirise is a professional offline website builder that will help you create any kind of website you need in a couple of minutes.

Pick the theme you like most, and use the included drag and drop builder to arrange the awesome blocks (there are 5500+ blocks) as you wish.

Try it now, the results are outstanding.

6. – offensive & defensive security operations company is a professional API penetration testing company that works with companies from all parts of the world, delivering the highest levels of quality.

Get a free quote and start working with the best.

7. – Team Collaboration Software

You can keep your team collaboration informative and valuable through Its unique real-time editing allows you to change the messages sent to reduce communication errors and ultimately increase productivity. You can also add additional information to the files shared to add context for your teams to understand even better. You can also have your conversations in different formats utilizing the tools readily available to deliver your messages more clearly and grab the participants’ attention.

8. TestingBot: Cross Browser Testing and Mobile App Testing

Do you need to do all kinds of manual and automated cross-browser testing so you can make sure that your website and apps are working and looking perfectly?

Use TestingBot, this solution is one of the best in the industry.

Start a free trial and see how it works.

9. Digital Web Solutions

DWS is an all-in-one agency that will craft you a stunning website and after will boost it with their smart SEO and digital marketing strategies.

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10. Codester

Codester is among the few huge marketplaces that web designs, developers, marketers, and online entrepreneurs use for getting everything they need:

  • Premium PHP scripts
  • App templates
  • Website themes
  • Plugins
  • Graphics
  • Highly discounted stuff

Browse Codester and pick everything you need.

11. WhatFontIs – Font Identifier

Do you want to identify all the fonts you like?

It is simple with WhatFontIs.

Take a picture of the font you like, upload it to WhatFontIs and follow the few easy steps.

You will find out immediately the name of the font, its price (maybe it is free), where to get it from and in plus you will also get 60+ similar free and paid font alternatives.

WhatFontIs is absolutely free and you don’t need to register.

Identify all the fonts you like.

12. SEO Company

Marketing1on1 is heavily specialized in helping small companies reach high SEO targets.

They will optimize your website content, they will help you with smart content ideas, with link building, and much more.

The rates are competitive and it is very simple to work with these professionals.

Get in contact with them.

13. White Labeled Email builder

If you are looking for professional templates for invoices, here they are.

Unlayer is a top producer of all kinds of email templates and their powerful email marketing platform is very simple to use.

Find out more about Unlayer.

14. Startup Oasis – startup development services

Startup Oasis Philippines is a one-stop-shop for startups with a shoestring budget looking to launch their minimum viable product. With Startup Oasis, you’ll get a well-packaged software development package that includes all necessary programming resources.

Startups will benefit from the help of our Startup Visionaries, UI/UX Designers, Developers, and Project Manager to bring their business ideas to reality

Check out our mvp solutions for startups.

15. CollectiveRay – Actionable Tips For People Who Work With Websites

On CollectiveRay’s website, you will find comprehensive WordPress theme reviews, tutorials, hosting guides, plugin reviews, and much more.

The website is among the few premium resource websites.

Check it.

16. Heroic Inbox – WordPress HelpDesk Plugin

You want a WordPress plugin that lets you manage customer support email and support tickets directly from your website?

Heroic Inbox is highly popular for this.

Find out more about this smart solution.

17. Total WordPress Theme

Total is a premium WordPress theme that is loaded with tens of gorgeous premade designs that you can install with one click.

The theme is highly customizable, SEO-friendly, loads quickly, and is created to convert with ease.

Check Total, you will love it.

18. WordPress photography themes

If you are looking for premium WordPress photography themes, here you will find a detailed comparison made by the famous creator Astra.

All 10 themes are presented from A to Z, with pluses and minuses.

Take a look.

19. Dutch Translations

Are you hoping to export your services to new markets? Don’t wait any longer and reach millions of Dutch speakers who may be interested in your products and services.

Share your content with them — you’ll find internationalization a rewarding step!

In an increasingly globalized economic context where the Internet plays a key role, information spreads like wildfire. It would be a grave mistake to miss this trend.

Stay ahead of the competition and let a professional translation agency handle the content you want to be translated into Dutch.

BeTranslated puts its know-how and experience at your disposal to provide you with a tailor-made translation solution that is perfectly suited to your needs and your budget.

20. Engaging Events Made Easy

Creating a presentation is not simple if you are in a hurry or if you lack the experience.

Here comes into play Slides with Friends.

This presentation builder lets you create real-time word clouds, multiple-choice quizzes, live polls, and much more.

Use the created stuff in meetings, classes, and events.

Try it now.


AspireMedia is among the few SEO agencies that can handle any kind of project without difficulty.

They work with all kinds of companies, including corporations, and they have a large team of experts ready to help you.

Get a free quote.

22. WordPress WooCommerce Themes

You have a WooCommerce store and you want to supercharge it with a better design?

Take a look at 8theme’s portfolio of WordPress WooCommerce themes, here you will find brilliant designs.

All these themes were created to convert and to load fast.

Check them.

23. SEO Packages 

It is much simpler, faster, and more efficient to get an SEO package and start seeing results.

All these SEO packages were crafted by experts with huge experience in SEO.

Check them. 

24. Healthcare Marketing Company   

If you are a surgeon, a dermatologist or a healthcare company, you will want to work with a specialized in your industry marketing company.

Electiv has the know-how and the experience in helping you find leads and get sales.

Get a free quote.

25. Kansas City Digital Marketing 

You are located in Kansas and you want to work with the very best local marketing agency?

You just found it.

Kansas City Digital Marketing agency is by far the best one in Kansas, and they will help you reach your high targets in no time.

Reach them out for a free quote.

26. RocketHub

RocketHub is specialized in crafting awesome deals for entrepreneurs. 

Using these deals, you will find save hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Always check this website for deals before paying the full price.

27. Ampfluence

You want your social media channels (Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter) to look like the best ones in your industry?

Hire Ampfluence and let these experts in social media grow your channels.

28. Draftpress

Draftpress is building a premium WordPress plugin that helps websites get better from many points of views.

Browse Draftpress and pick the plugins you need.

29. DigitalDesign.NYC

DigitalDesign.NYC is a highly popular Web Design, UI/UX, and Branding studio in New York City.

They are responsible for building smart and custom websites and designs, and for coming up with unique approaches for company branding.

Get a free quote.

30. Content Snare

Content Snare will help you receive content from your customers without sending them tons of emails and follow-up calls.

Configure the software and let it do the follow-ups in your place. The customers will have an easy-to-use portal to upload documents and answers to your project questions.

Start a free trial and see how it works.

31. Best Yotpo Alternatives –  Wiremo

Wiremo is a Yotpo alternative that comes with enhanced features at no additional cost. Learn what Wiremo can do for you by requesting a demo of our product.

32. Webflow Templates, Components & Guides

Improve your workflow with beautiful Webflow templates: is a collection of modern, easy-to-use and elegant Webflow templates & UI Kits. These free templates are designed to improve the designers & developers’ workflow.

33. The Best Web Design Companies of 2022

Hire the best web design Companies from our expertly-sourced list of top creative agencies’ location, rates and portfolios.

34. Top Templates

Quickly and easily get your website launched today with UPQODE templates. Make sure your site looks professional and premium with every visit!

35. Word invoice templates

Here you will find professionally designed, yet free-to-use Word invoice templates.

Download them, edit them as you wish, and you are good to go.

Get them now.

36. Create a SEO-friendly blog

This smart solution will embed a blog on your website in just a few seconds and with just 2 lines of code.

Now that you have a stunning blog on your website, start writing content so you can receive organic traffic.

37. Wokiee – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Wokiee is one of the best eCommerce Shopify themes in 2022, and has included everything you need to create your online store.

The theme is loaded with almost 100 stunning designs, and it is super simple to customize.

Take a look.

38. Everytalent

Everytalent is a dynamic online recruitment tool that leverages data to assess and

identify the skills and competencies of job candidates and matches them with jobs based

on their assessment results.

39. Online Group Chat Platform for Websites Live Events and Q&A

RumbleTalk will help you add an online group chat on your website for holding live events and Q&A sessions.

The software is very simple to use and intuitive.

Try it.

40. Validate Emails in WordPress

Bot submissions and spam inquiries have grown manifold over the last few years, becoming a big headache for WordPress website owners. The Antideo Email Validator becomes your first line of defense from fake inquiries, by validating the email address submitted using a number of parameters

41. Top Tech Agencies

unRFP hosts a large list of detailed agency profiles of renowned software service providers with data points like hourly rate, technology and industry expertise, size, minimum project threshold etc. The data is vetted for inaccuracies and is constantly updated to maintain relevance

42. React Website Templates

Looking for premium React website templates?

Here they are, on WrapPixel’s website.

WrapPixel is popular for crafting stunning React website templates and for supercharging them with the latest design trends and technologies.

43. Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping

If you’re running a WooCommerce store, you’re likely familiar with the table rate shipping plugin. This plugin lets you calculate shipping rates based on the weight and dimensions of an item. Although this plugin is great for calculating shipping rates quickly, it can be difficult to manage your shipping rates if you have a lot of items in your inventory. With the new table rate shipping calculator extension, you can easily manage your shipping rates and keep track of your shipping costs. The Table Rate Shipping plugin provides a simple and easy way to calculate shipping costs for your products. Simply enter the weight, dimensions, and quantity of products you want to ship, and the plugin will calculate the shipping cost for you.

44. Pixpa – Portfolio Websites for Designers

Pixpa will help you build a portfolio website in minutes, from scratch, or by customizing one of the included templates.

The builder has everything you need to be included and it is very simple to use.

Find out more about Pixpa.

45. Everytale

You want to create, promote, and broadcast events of any size but you lack the know-how?

No problem, with Everytale you can do that with just a few clicks.

Find out more about Everytale.

46. Litho – Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme

Litho is a stunning Elementor WordPress theme that you can fully customize in minutes, without any experience or design skills.

Select the theme you want (there are over 37 pixel-perfect designs included) and edit it as you need.

It is simple, and the whole process won’t take you more than a few minutes.

47. LogoAI

You need a creative and unique logo for your project but you don’t want to pay a fortune and you need it now, not in a few days, weeks, or months?

Use LogoAI smart logo generator software.

The results are amazing and you pay only if you love the logos.

48. Web design company Savannah

You need a highly professional website that is supercharged with SEO strategies and techniques that actually work?

Jordan Smith has tons of experience, helping companies from Savannah and other parts of the world.

Get a free quote.

49. Torn And Ripped Paper Pieces Designs

Trendy set of torn and ripped paper pieces to create modern and popular designs. That’s what you need for creating some contemporary and creative social media brands, music and film album covers, banners, posters, personal blogs or any other creative projects.

The download includes 22 torn and ripped paper graphics in transparent PNG format. Go ahead and download these powerful graphics. 

50. Material Tailwind

Creative Tim is a top producer of Admin Dashboards, UI Kits, free and premium themes, and much more.

Now they launched Material Tailwind, a stunning library of HTML and React components, all written with Tailwind CSS classes. 

Get it now for free.

51. FC United | Football, Soccer & Sports WordPress Theme + RTL 

FC United theme is among the most popular sports WordPress themes. That is because of its impressive sports functionality. The theme is bundled with SportsPress, WooCommerce, Essential Grid, Slider Revolution, Booked Appointments, and other premium WordPress plugins. Apart from that, the FC United theme includes lots of ready-made pages, including crisp homepage designs. The theme features lots of tools that will help you to change the theme appearance in no time, including a powerful drag and drop content composer. Enjoy content management with the best sports WordPress theme. 

52. Kicker – Multipurpose Blog Magazine WordPress Theme + Gutenberg 

Kicker is a perfect choice when launching a blog of any kind. You can use it to share posts, place ads, promote products and services, or any other purpose. There are lots of niche designs that come with this theme so you can start online performance straight away. With the Kicker theme, you will establish a sophisticated, modern, and professional website look. This theme is perfect for WP newbies as it comes with detailed theme documentation and professional support. 

There are lots of useful functions that will help a website made with the Kicker theme look spotlessly on all devices, works across all modern browsers, and comes optimized for SEO that allows you to reach the top of any search engine. This theme provides you with instruments for fast and effective content management. Kicker theme is packed with sliders, stylish niche skins, premade content blocks, a clever language switcher, boxed and fullwidth layout options, automated demo import, and lots of other useful options.

53. Qwery – Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTL

Qwery WordPress theme is a multi-purpose web design solution that will come in handy for the launch of websites related to such topics as Accounting, Bike Repair, Air Conditioning, Personal Stylist, Pest Control, Glasses, Military, Plastic Surgery, Cryptocurrency, SEO, Design, Photography, etc. The theme’s download package includes many tools and features intended to make your website outstanding. There are two booking options available for free. Thanks to WooCommerce compatibility and the availability of multiple ready-made pages, you can get your website online in no time. The events calendar and MailChimp support are also bundled. 

54. is a company that has been engaged in educational mobile app development for the past few years. They have developed a ready-to-deploy educational mobile app where you can easily upload your own courses and sell them at your own prices.

The company also offers a robust, scalable and feature-rich e-learning apps that are super easy to manage. The app has got all the features you would expect from an educational mobile app such as course management, user management, inbuilt analytics etc. The product is a brand of Acodez, an award-winning eLearning app development company.

55. What is My IP Address

You want to find out in seconds which is your IP addresss?

And you don’t want to pay for that information?

No problem, ShowMyIP is the right tool to use.

Start the website and you will find out immediately your IP + useful information (country, city, region, zip code, user agent, internet provider, etc.).

Try it now.


Save yourself tons of time and money by using all these solutions, and don’t forget to use a low code solution when you build an online database, it is the best option.