7 Home Improvements You’ll Be Glad You Did This Summer

7 Home Improvements You’ll Be Glad You Did This Summer

The summer season is fun as you spend time outside enjoying yourself with family and friends. It is also an excellent time for most homeowners to upgrade various projects on their properties. The brief warmer months prove ideal for handling outdoor projects, including updating the exterior of your home and establishing a well-ventilated workspace. Below is a list of home improvement projects tailor-made for summer.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency is a trend that is gaining popularity among homeowners. Replacement windows are an excellent choice that increases the overall valuation of your home. Installing energy-efficient windows helps keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter, which prevents your utility bills from skyrocketing during the coldest and hottest months. Such windows allow more natural light inside your home to enhance a good feel and look. Homebuyers will assess the condition of the windows before making a purchase, making it crucial for homeowners to replace windows if there is a plan of selling the home in the future.

Tune-Up Air Conditioning

Ensure you hire a professional to service your air conditioning unit at the onset of summer to prevent an emergency breakdown. A maintenance professional has the expertise to test your system and perform the necessary work to ensure it runs perfectly. The technician will inform homeowners if the machine is making louder noises when running. We tend to get used to general noises inside our homes that we do not get to notice when something is not right. The professional will assist you in tackling the issue of minimizing noise from your AC. According to reports from Energy.gov, a new HVAC system has a service period of 12 to 20 years.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat is another approach to regulating the temperature inside your house. A smart thermostat helps monitor your HVAC systems and is remotely turned on and off. Integrating the smart thermostat with HVAC makes air conditioners use 50% less energy to achieve the required cooling. Air conditioners dating back to the mid-1970s used more power, increasing utility bills. Hire a professional to install the devices and perform the necessary electrical wiring to make summer more comfortable.

Create an Entertaining Area

Establishing an entertaining outdoor space is a popular trend for upgrading homes in summer. Consider various options that suit your needs while considering budget and functionality. According to Bob Vila, parents interested in barbecues may construct an outdoor dining area, kitchen, and furnace that can last up to 20 years. If your kids love to spend time with their friends, you can install an outdoor movie theater to make each night an easy party. Install a comfortable seating area with the help of a professional if you plan to host people over the summer.

Declutter Your Home

As summer approaches, you may consider airing out and decluttering forgotten areas, including the outdoor shed, garage, and basement used less in colder months. You may also consider selling those items you no longer use and using the earnings obtained to do other home repairs. Removing items you no longer use creates more room inside your house for additional improvements.

Apply Fresh Paint

Painting your home improves the overall feel and look, creating the necessary curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint makes your property appealing and attractive, regardless of whether you want to put your house up for sale or if you wish to impress your guests. Paint the inside of your home with the appropriate colors to make the space airy and bright.

Install New Doors

The winter season is sometimes rough for your home, but homeowners also contend with hail, thunderstorms, blazing heat, and humidity during summer. Insulate your home by installing new doors to lower utility bills and keep your property safe. New storm doors help your home stay cool during summer and warm in winter. Various designs and styles add beauty to the front entrance and allow for more natural lighting.

Summer is an excellent time for parents to tackle various home improvement projects and to go on vacation. Hire a professional to complete the home upgrades quickly and efficiently to ensure your house has a conducive environment.