Dangers of Drinking and Driving Your Kids Need to Know

Dangers of Drinking and Driving Your Kids Need to Know

As a parent, it’s important to make sure that your kids know how to stay safe even when they’re out by themselves. This is especially true about driving, so have a look at some dangers of drinking and driving that you need to tell your children about.

There Are Legal Issues to Consider

It’s important to talk to your kids about the legal implications of drinking, which, though a bit different from state to state, have some similarities for the most part. For example, if you’re aged below 21, you can be charged with Driving Under the Influence even if your blood alcohol content is below .08% but you have a detectable amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. Sharing such information with them may make it easy for them to understand that the risk of drinking and driving is never worth it and it can affect their futures in more ways than one.

Even a Little Alcohol Can Make a Big Difference

As mentioned, it’s possible to be charged with a DUI even if the blood alcohol content is noticeably below the legal limit. This aside, alcohol is known to impair one’s reflexes and judgement, and a young driver is more predisposed to these effects. The combination of lack of experience with an enhanced effect that alcohol may have on a younger person’s system means that it’s generally a lot riskier for them to attempt to drive after having even a single drink.

Drinking and Driving Puts All Road Users in Danger

When a driver gets behind the wheel of their car in a drunken state, they put the lives of all other road users and not just themselves in danger. With Driver Knowledge stating that the number of car accidents that occur yearly in the United States is six million, it’s important for every single driver to practice safe driving in order to minimize the risk that they might cause a road accident. Letting your kids know that they’re responsible not just for their safety but also for that of other road users may be a great way to have them drive more safely.

Drinking Can Have Many Different Effects

It’s common knowledge that drinking impairs judgment, but you may want to share the specifics with your kids so they have a good idea of exactly what happens. Some effects are difficulty staying in the right lane, having a hard time controlling speed, trouble with coordination and tracking moving objects well, and problems with steering well. Any one of these issues by itself can make driving properly difficult for anyone, so have your kids imagine what it would be like trying to drive with all the symptoms listed. Paint a vivid picture for them so that they have a clear understanding of all the risks involved.

It’s Important to Buckle Up

Finally, tell your young driver that no matter what anyone says, wearing a seatbelt is the most important thing to do before driving off. If they have any passengers, they need to insist that they do the same for the sake of their safety. With three million people in America getting injured every single year in auto accidents, it’s important for everyone to do their best to stay safe while they’re on the road. Let them know that even if they’re not the ones driving, they need to buckle up as it could make the difference between being safe or getting injured when an accident occurs.

Sharing the dangers of drinking and driving outlined above with your children should make it easier for them to see the importance of never drinking and driving. Don’t forget to lead by example and never drink and drive yourself, and they will be more likely to follow your advice.