Fun Entertainment Ideas to Help You Throw the Coolest Retro Bash Ever

Fun Entertainment Ideas to Help You Throw the Coolest Retro Bash Ever

Oh, to have lived at a period when pink poodle skirts, Cadillacs, leather jackets, and rock & roll were all the rage. To assist you in throwing the greatest 1950s theme party, we give tips and a list of things you’ll need. Read, prepare, and put on some clothing because your party is going to take a trip down memory lane. Continue reading for some entertaining ideas for entertainment to help you throw the best retro party ever.


Black and white accents on glasses, your table, napkins, and streamers will give you a diner vibe. The contrast, when combined with a poodle pink, transports visitors to a 1950s cafe. Add milkshake-themed centerpieces to your 1950s-themed party to complete the effect! The look will be completed with a straw and a (plastic) cherry on top. Including vintage cars in your decorations is a proven method to give your party the desired 50s mood. This might be a tapestry, a cutout, or even miniature model vehicles as table decorations. Be sure to include a jukebox in your 1950s party since it symbolized the era. If you want to rent a jukebox, there are rental services available. A jukebox tapestry and your Spotify selection will suffice if you don’t want to pay the extra money.

Food & Drinks

Grill burgers for your visitors and offer them with lettuce, tomato, onion, and condiments of their choosing. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, or Thousand Island dressing are all excellent choices. Don’t forget to include cheese; for some folks, it’s the only way to eat a hamburger properly. Don’t forget about the fries! Serve grilled cheese instead of hamburgers and meat sandwiches to your vegetarian guests. The drinks you provide at a 50s party are quite significant. A selection of brightly colored, imaginative cocktails, or, alternatively, a true classic: beer, should satisfy those who prefer something stronger. Serve apple pie or perhaps cupcakes to appease your sweet-toothed visitors.


Let’s get this party started, baby! Split your guests into teams and play short pieces of 1950s music, such as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry tunes. After that, the teams must attempt to predict the song and vocalist. Purchasing a fifties music trivia game is also a viable choice. With a martini in hand, you can transform your gathering into a traditional old Hollywood party with a Marilyn Monroe impersonator mixing and mingling with your guests. Cover the air vents, because that small white frock is prone to blowing up.


Those reproduction poodle skirts weren’t ordered for no reason; they want to whirl! Take that fantastic playlist you made, turn it up, and clear someplace in the living room. Encourage your friends to try out some of those dizzying moves that swing was all the rage with hip teenagers back in the day. You can dance freestyle or follow along with YouTube videos.


The trailblazing rock n’ roll of Chuck Berry, the charm of Dean Martin, and the lovely voice of Billie Holiday. The 1950s gave us some of the most famous musicians who have ever performed on an American stage. Check out who appeared on American Bandstand over the years and compile a star-studded playlist.